I lay in bed trying to go to sleep. My mother takes very good care of us. I roll over and feel the empty space where my brother used to sleep. He got sick, and so my mother buried him in the backyard. Four of my brothers and sisters are also buried back there They got sick too. My crib is very comfy. I look around the room and see my other brothers and sisters sleeping in other cribs. There are ten of us now. My mother said he will have another one tomorrow. I am very excited.

I am playing with my new sister. She has bright eyes, but she can't close her eyes. That's okay though. Mother says that she'll fix her eyes soon. Mother comes in and looks at me. "Oh Katie, look what you've done, I told you not to play so hard!" I look down and realized my right arm is hanging off. "Oh dear, I didn't mean to," I think. mother picks me up and brings me to the fixing room. She tells me to close my eyes and go to sleep, and I do.

When I wake up, I have a new arm. I notice immediately that it was my brother's, the one buried in the backyard. I also notice, oh no! Mother gave me the wrong arm! Now I have two left arms. It looks funny, and it is harder to play, but I don't mind. Mother still loves me.

I look out the window and see Uncle Jack outside. I don't like him. He said my mother is crazy and he wants to get rid of us. When he comes inside. My mother usually hides us behind the couch. That's where we are now. I can hear him walking around. My mother is screaming. Finally, he finds us. He takes my new sister and one of my brothers outside. "Julie, you need help. You can't live like this," he says to my mother. He then throws them into the garbage. Over the next few minutes. He does the same to all of us. My mother is crying now. "You need to go to a hospital Julie, your husband is there too," Uncle Jack says. Mother is crying now. I can't see her anymore. I am in the garbage truck. I love you mommy! I can hear Uncle Jack in the fixing room, where extra arms, legs, eyes, and even heads are kept for when we need new ones. I can hear him. He said "Wow, you got at least three new dolls since last time I was here."

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